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Ending a marriage is never easy and divorce is challenging. Between all the emotional and 

financial strain involved, we know that it is important to hire an attorney with experience in the law. David Friel Law Firm can help your divorce go as smoothly as possible by finding the approach best suited to your goals and legal needs.




When Utah couples divorce, a court may order one spouse to provide the other with financial support called “alimony.” Alimony isn’t ordered in every case, and alimony isn’t awarded only to women. We can discuss your family’s unique circumstances and help determine whether or not alimony is appropriate in your case.

Child Support

In divorce and child custody cases, the court determines each parent's financial responsibility for their children. We can give you an idea of the standard amounts for child support given your circumstances and together decide the best course of action to ensure that your child is receiving the lawful amount of child support necessary.

Estate Planning

We know that estate planning can be costly and confusing. Our experienced attorney will walk you through every step of the process to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of. 

Child Custody

With all of the emotion involved in a separation or divorce, parents sometimes fail to consider

their children’s desires when making custody 

decisions. We can discuss what your child 

custody and visitation options are to help you 

identify the best parenting arrangement for you and your children.


All children deserve a permanent home. Children may be adopted by relatives, families who fostered them, or other families seeking to add a new family member. For more information regarding adoption, contact David Friel Law Firm.

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